eAuction Solutions is a pioneer in the full service auction management field.
Beginning in 1998 we started listing unique items on eBay, and since we do nothing on a small scale we rose to PowerSeller status in a short period of time. We read the boards and visited chat rooms to learn what buyers were looking for in the realm of customer service and seller's confidence. We recognized that there were thousands of people who could benefit from the world of E-commerce, though they did not have the abilities, resources, or the time to sell through online auction sites.

We took the tried and true practice of selling online and literally took it to the next level. Our 20 years of experience in the live auction venue has given us the edge that no one else has. We have a gainful insight into the details overlooked by many sellers and use this expertise to your advantage. Shortly after their inception, we began selling through electronic auctions and over time have developed a system of management that is unrivaled.

Did you know that by 2006 the E-Commerce industry is expected to reach nearly 200 billion dollars in annual sales?

We are confident in our ability to liquidate your dead stock, returns, refurbished goods of general product lines, and to increase your revenues at the same time. Under dynamic leadership, our staff of experienced veterans pledge their knowledge and commitment to our clients. Each client package we offer is custom designed to suit the specific needs of the business and products.


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